The building blocks for digitization of the modern property product

ility is a no-code software that builds a framework for packaging, pricing and distribution of interactions between humans and the built environment.

A cornerstone component of any smart building stack, ility enables owners, operators and their teams to streamline their now complex business. Connecting new and legacy digital systems, ility’s middleware gives companies like RXR, Legal & General, and EQ complete control over their technology, operations, and product offering.

Ility’s patented Physical Rights Management is the key to digitizing property. Creating manageable products to drive engagement, capture and distribute data, increase NOI, improve efficiency, and decrease operating expenses.

Why is ility different?

Ility brings together disparate technology systems, each designed to solve individual problems, to provide non-technical real estate teams and their customers with a complete solution to managing modern complex real estate.

Create unity across people, customers, and buildings

• Structured to match the landlord’s operating model, not the other way around
• Designed for everyday people. It uses workflows and automation tools that help people get the most from the systems they are tasked to use, removing mundane repetitive work
• No technical knowledge required – easy to use
• Great C-suite dashboards and management tools
Foundational technology

• Foundational technology works as building blocks that enable owners to build great experiences for tenants and asset managers
• Get the system that you want and make it work the way you want
• Rapidly adapt to keep pace with market and technology advancements • Maximise the output of your incumbent and future technology systems • Connect and improve the output of incumbent systems
• Adopt Physical Rights Management – ility’s patented technology that logically breaks down silos between disparate systems and practically rebuilds up those silos to enable more functionality asset management experience tenant experience
Long-term value

• Huge efficiency improvements through automation
• Reduce long-term technology transformation and sunk costs
• Reduce staff training costs
• Rapidly adapt to market changes like COVID-19 and beyond
• Keep technology relevant and up-to-date
Unlock new revenue streams

•Rights management enables owners to package, price, and distribute unlimited services available in modern property
•Rights manage customer access to the complete portfolio
•Provide customers access to partners and leverage purchasing power
•Easily and quickly create products without risk
•Test, try, and adapt to tenant demand
•It takes minutes to build new products
•Give customers the ability to self-service from an intuitive platform

ility 2.0