Understand your customers through data and analytics dashboards

Access Control

Provide seamless entry to access points throughout your properties


Display real-time environmental data directly to your customers


Charge for contracts, products, and other goods and services


Aggregate disparate leasing data across your portfolio

Proposal & Contracts

Build bespoke proposals for prospects to fit all membership and contract types


Aggregate financial transaction data directly to tenants


Manage your company’s interactions and relationships


Gain insights into how your customers and visitors are using physical space

Bookable Space

Simplify the process of booking spaces through your portfolio


Offer a variety of amenities and services directly to your customers


Build a direct line of communication to your customer with live chat

Find a Space

Advertise vacant space to existing and new customers

Visitor Management

Streamline visitor registration and customer check ins

Work Order

Easily manage customer maintenance and service requests


Build a premium experience for customers of your portfolio

Wifi and printing

Simplify your organization’s printing and wifi needs


Advertise events at the property or surrounding areas

We have a lot of integrations

We have built the ility technology to be flexible and composable so that we can connect to any 3rd party system in the market with an open API. We already have a number of integrations ready to go, but every Landlord is different, and I am sure that you are working with some unique tools to run your business. Get in touch with us below to find out more about our capabilities